Dishwasher pump graphite bushings

100.00 грн. – 270.00 грн.

От 10 шт. - 180.00 грн.

От 20 шт. - 150.00 грн.

От 50 шт. - 120.00 грн.

От 100 шт. - 100.00 грн.

In the ordering note, indicate the size of the bushings to be purchased.

The price is for one unit (one piece) is the same for all sizes.

The larger the quantity, the lower the unit price. By indicating the number of pieces you need, the system will recalculate the total cost depending on the number of bushings you have selected.

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Dishwasher pump graphite bushings

Dishwasher pump graphite bushings

Designed to replace failed plain bearings of graphite bushings. For pumps, circulating pumps, heat pumps of a wide range of dishwasher models.

Graphite bushings sleeve bearings of rotors of motors of pumps of dishwashers Ariston Indezit Bosch Beko Siemens Whirlpool Electrolux Zanussi are made of high quality graphite and the required density.

1. Graphite has the property of self-lubrication, which reduces friction and overheating.
2. Graphite can withstand high temperatures and will not deform.
3. Graphite does not break down in an aggressive environment (powders, dishwasher detergents).
4. The graphite bushings are silent.

5.Parts made of graphite are widely used in the food industry.


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